FAQ Advion Cockroach Bait

Doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? I have yet to see a dead cockroach.

Answer:When baiting try to put bait where roaches are. 1 pea size droplet every 5 inches along cabinets and also treat hinge area. Take off all light and electrical socket covers and treat there as well. Pull out fridge and bait there as well. Treat under sink also German roach love water/humidity areas. I use this product daily in my pest control company works everytime. email if you need more assistance.

Answer:We purchased the blue cap Advion. Put it out in pea sized balls in bottle caps around the appliances and the next morning they were dead all over the place. After about 10-12,days we are about pest free. Seeing a few here and there so we baited up again and now see only tiny ones. Putting bait on pieces of index cards for the little pests and now seeing those little pests dead or dieing . We are very satisfied with Advion. The red cap just makes them sterile so they can't reproduce. It doesn't kill them but the Blue cap works.

ANswer:You might not see any dead roaches but the question is are there any live ones in my case every time I open the silverware drawer there was a roach after using this product I did not see another roach for weeks in my kitchen. The key is the roaches bring the bait to the nest and kill the nest so it is possible they are gone but you don't see any dead ones. Just keep it up for at least a week it'll work

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